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Surfcasting Pulley Rig

surfcasting-pulley-rigA must have addition to the tackle box of all surfcasters! This surfcasting pulley rig allows your casts to travel further and keeps the bait off the sea floor and right in front of the fish.

To use simply attach the end hook under the quick release clip arm as demonstrated in the diagram, this holds the rig in place during the cast. Once the rig hits the water the clip releases the hook and the floats lift the bait into the strike zone.

This pack comes with a pulley rig and two traces rigged with floats and chemically sharpened hooks.

Pack contains

  • 2 traces complete with floats and chemically sharpened hooks and snap swivels
  • Quick release clip
  • Beads and floats
  • Barrel swivel to attach to your mainline