3 Hook Sabiki Rig

How to use a Sabiki Rig

Catching bait fish on Sabiki Rigs can be great fun for both children and adults. A day spent down at your local wharf with a simple rod and reel can be a great way to teach children how to fish.

All you need is a small rod and reel, sabiki rig, bait and some berley. Mouldy bread also makes great berley. Find a good spot and make sure the tide is in. Wharves are good as they usually harbour lots of bait fish.

How to use your Sabiki Rigs

1. Open one end of the sabiki rig and tie a basic uni knot onto the swivel provided.

2. On the other end, clip or loop on a small sinker.

3. Carefully remove the sabiki rig from the cardboard pack and lay it flat on the ground.

4. Now cut up some small cubes of bait and bait your hooks, be careful as these small hooks are very sharp!

5. Put some berley in the water to attract the bait fish, you can roll up some bits of bread into small balls and throw that in too.

6. Next pick up your rod and slowly let the sabiki rig down into the water until the sinker hits the bottom. Once it reaches the bottom wind up just to get your sinker off the bottom to avoid any tangles.

7. Slowly jig your sabiki rig, and more often not than you will get fish biting straight away.

8. Wind up slowly, unhook your fish and repeat above steps until you have caught enough bait.

9. Remember some fish have legal size limits and rules for how many you can keep. If unsure check on the MPI website for your local fishing regulations.